MoM is serving as a social impact movement, driving change and empowering women to achieve more.

We are a socially active community of mums who encourage, inspire and support other women to succeed in their personal and professional life. MoM is a platform to meet new mums, share ideas and collaborate on many areas relating to lifestyle, fashion, art and technology, with a spotlight on charity. 

MoM is working with charities and luxury brand partners to support programs in aid of women’s rights, whether humanitarian, sociological, economical or political. MoM’s mission is to empower women and inspire them to maximize their potential. It is a simple model of mothers in the west enabling, stabilizing and supporting mothers in the less developed parts of the world. 

At the same time, MoM is building a unified kingdom of Power Women. That is women of substance who have or aim to make a considerable difference to society. MoM started off with the vision of one person, and now we are a collective force in dozens, sharing the same passion for women empowerment. We represent a diverse mix of HNWI’s, entrepreneurs, businesswomen and industry leaders, digital influencers and professionals. The community has a combined online audience of +3M and growing.